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My Family

Who knew I would meet the love of my life at twelve-years-old? I certainly didn’t and I tried to let him know that as well. A mutual friend introduced Toby and me in the halls of our junior high at his request. He worked at the local arcade and had taken notice of me as I frequented the hang out to indulge my obsession with Ms. Pac Man. Our versions of the start of what would eventually be a wonderful journey vary slightly. If you meet him ask him about the change he gave me at the Fun Factory. I believe it was intentional. He relentlessly pursued me for five years before I allowed myself to see him as anything more than a friend. Those five years were full of heartache for both of us. As I continually rejected his attempts at anything more than a friendship he continually picked up the broken pieces of my heart from all the boys who rejected me. He was a true friend and the greatest example of Christ’s love in my life-selfless and sacrificial. We married young and started our family young. It was not an easy journey but one we were determined to do together. Our surrender to God has allowed us to walk through the good and bad, easy and hard, and both sweet and sorrowful times. We decided early on that God would be the center of our marriage. Because of Him, I can say that while we don’t have a perfect marriage, we are imperfectly perfect together. 

Tyler was the fulfillment of all I wanted to be when I grew up-a wife and mother. Though I had not planned on having a child so young, I embraced my new role in spite of my fear. He was a perfect baby and a smart and inquisitive little boy. I never knew I could have so much love for such a tiny human being. He has grown into a wonderful man whom I love dearly.

Nicki was the baby girl I dreamed of. I longed for a daughter I could dress in pretty, frilly dresses and adorn her blonde silk strands with matching bows. Well, that lasted about three years. Once my daughter could voice her own opinion we traded pretty dresses for jeans and t-shirts. To this day her black and white Converse are a staple on her bedroom floor. Dresses or jeans I love my animal loving daughter all the same.

My family is one of my greatest joys. I am beyond blessed that God chose me to be Toby’s wife and Tyler’s and Nicki’s mom. 

things that bring me joy

  • Spending time with my family-immediate and large extended family (oh and my little lap dog)

  • Encouraging women

  • Discipling women

  • Teaching God’s Word

  • Learning new things-I still want to learn how to make pottery

  • Travel near or far-I am hoping Nashville is my next near trip and Israel is my next far destination

  • Coming home from travel-that’s the best part of traveling

  • Paris-the Hameau de la Reine at the Chateau de Versailles is my favorite spot

  • Flying-I spoke to a recruiter for the Air Force in High School (I wanted to fly an F-15 Eagle)

  • Water (oceans, lakes, ponds, streams, water falls)

  • Coffee-I’m a little coffee with my cream and sugar kind of a girl

  • Dessert-anything chocolate will do

  • The smell of freshly mowed grass

  • The smell of cottonwood trees by the river

little known facts

  • Spectator of many things doer of few

  • Introvert with great people skills

  • Hopeless romantic

  • Technologically challenged

  • Country music fan

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