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Made For A Purpose

We were created with purpose for a purpose. God has great plans for each one of us (Jeremiah 29:11).

In my journey to fulfill God’s purpose for my life I decided to go back to school this fall semester. While I am a student by nature, going back to school after twenty years was a big step outside of my comfort zone. Being surrounded by kids, some younger than my own, left me feeling very out of place.

My course is on creative writing. My goal was to gather some new tools for my writing tool box and hopefully be stretched in ways I have not been up to this point. Can I tell you, the latter part God is answering in full force.

The first part of this semester we were to focus on poetry. Poetry is not my go to for leisure reading, nor is this a genre of writing I would label myself as. When you are writing for a grade you quickly learn to become something you didn’t think you were. This journey has stretched me and made me think outside of my box I usually find comfort in.

One of our assignments was to write a poem about a song, movie, or current event, but from the perspective of one of the characters. In other words, the poem was not really about the subject. I had a hard time finding any creativity for this assignment. May sound easy, but the creativity was not flowing. I thought of many songs, movies and some current events to write about. Nothing. Crickets.

Growing up one of my favorite movies was Grease. I watched that movie over and over. I think everyone in my home was sick and tired of Danny and Sandy.

A writer’s tip is to write from your own experience. I thought for sure I could write about this.  My husband helped get the creative flow going by suggesting I write from the perspective of the car. So, for those who have seen this movie you will understand the poem, for those who are not familiar with Grease, I hope you still capture the meaning behind it.

Destined For Thunder Road

A humble beginning of a rustic rundown,

rebirthed to a muscle machine.

Meticulously pieced together

my transformation prepares me for something

greater than even I could have dreamed.

Adorned with metallic lightning bolts

that manifest my identity and destiny.

The roar of the twin mufflers

beckon the pavement of Thunder Road.

T-Birds versus Scorpions.

I was ready to take down the ’49 Mercury.

The stakes as high as they can go,

pink slips.

The pressure is on.

Engines revving while the crowd looks on.

I was built for this. I was made for this moment.

Her scarf drops and my tires kick up loose asphalt

as we dash down the alley way to the roar of the crowd.

He plays dirty.

The metal spikes gash my side,

but greatness is enveloped with pain.

So, I persevere in hopes to reach greatness.

The finish line in sight.

I soar through the air landing hard

but managing to careen my way to the finish line.

The Scorpion exterminated and his flames extinguished.

Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Do you question whether God can use you because of your past or maybe even your present?

Friends, you were created for a divine purpose, something bigger than you could ever imagine. Do not let your past thwart the plans that God set in motion before you were even born. If your present is holding you back from that purpose repent and turn to God.

Maybe you came from humble beginnings or are a little rusty too. Maybe life has been hard and decisions made in the past leave you feeling a little less than useful. Just like these young boys took Grease Lightning and transformed her into the muscle machine she became, God wants to take you and transform you in the masterpiece He created you to be.

He has always seen your potential because He is the One who created you. Allow God to transform your life in order to fulfill that purpose He uniquely designed you for.

This transformation will come with a cost. Our destiny is never an easy road. There will be times when we need to persevere, but in the end the fulfillment far outweighs the cost.

Divine transformation leads to a fulfilled destination.

Lord, thank you that you don’t see my past mistakes or my failed attempts as the standard for Your purpose for my life. Help me to see myself as the masterpiece You created me to be and to live accordingly.


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