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My First Blog Post

Hi.  My husband loves me more than I will ever know.  He is so proud of me for doing this, especially since he predicted over 10 years ago that this would happen.  Now I am embarking on an incredible journey to see where God takes me and this blog.  I love you we go.

So if it is not obvious let me point out that top part was written by my husband. Yes, he loves me dearly, and yes he did say that one day God was going to use me in a way beyond what I could dream. That statement frightened me and filled me with an excitement I could not explain. Not yet mature in my relationship with Christ, I could not imagine how God could use me and that scared me. The idea of being an encouragement to someone simply by sharing what God has done in my life is exhilarating.

This is an incredible journey that God has me on. My deepest prayer is that He uses me as His tool to encourage people with His message. That message is one of hope, redemption, forgiveness, love and grace.

Will you journey with me as I share with you what God is teaching me. I pray that through my journey with God you will see Him with fresh eyes, you will see the plan He has for your life and be encouraged by His perfect plan.


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