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The Precious Breath of Jesus

The precious breath of Jesus

It carries me through

The storms of my life

It lifts me up

When I’m weak and unable to move

The precious breath of Jesus

It breaths life to my soul

It whispers joy in my heart

It fills me with hope

To know He is not far

He’s right here beside me

Walking me through

Breathing His life in me

The precious breath of Jesus

It lights the way

In which I am to walk

So that I will not stray

Far from the loving arms of my Father and King

The precious breath of Jesus

Calls out to me

It reminds me of His great love

For you and for me.

With His precious breath

He gave up His life

With His precious breath

He gave life to all who believe

The precious breath of Jesus

The precious breath of Jesus

May 13, 2008

The story behind the words

It was Tuesday night, I was sitting in bible study as I usually am, eagerly awaiting to hear our pastor teach.  We were studying the book of Ephesians, and this night we were going to be talking about the full armor of God.

Before he began his teaching, he said he had an urgent prayer request.

The fourteen-month-old son of a young couple in our church had fallen into his grandmother’s pool earlier that afternoon and had nearly drowned.  My heart sank because that momma happens to be one of the precious ladies that sit at my bible study table for our Wednesday women’s study.

I left the church and drove to the hospital to pray over her and let her know that she was not alone in this tragedy.

When I entered the hospital room their precious boy was laying in his crib, limp, and tubes extended from his little body.  She got up from her chair and I just held her and said the only thing I could say-I’m so sorry.

As I lay in bed that night and began to pray I could not get that family out of my mind.  I prayed, “Lord just breathe Your life back into that little boy.  Please Lord just breath Your life into him.”  That was the only prayer I could get out.  With that prayer came these words.  As God laid these words on my heart He also told me to write them down.  As I wrote these words down the vision I saw was that little boy’s chest rising and falling with each breath Jesus was breathing into him.  I could see Jesus standing watch over this scared couple as they stood watch over their sleeping child.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 that precious little boy was able to leave the hospital and return home with his mom and dad. Jesus did in fact breathe His life back into that young boy.  Praise God for answered prayers.


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