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Rest In The Unknown




Life is full of them. They can leave us weary and tired. Then we become complacent. Complacent in our daily activities, our social engagements and even our spiritual feeding.

The uncertainty of our unknown can cause fear and worry or a rise of anxiety can over take us.

The discomfort, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, causes us to retreat because it is just too much to bear out in the open.

The downs of life, if we are not careful, can pull us away from all the things that give us life. They can cause us to turn away from the people and the things that feed our souls.  If not careful and on alert and aware we can find ourselves in a dark place that seems far worse than the uncertainties of our unknowns or our discomforts that caused our weariness.

If not careful, alert, aware….

When the uncertainties of life are hanging over us like a dark storm cloud are we careful? Are we alert and aware of it?

If we are not we can give in to the fear, the worry, or the anxiety that life’s uncertain moments can bring. Or, we can be alert and aware of the passing season and take shelter in the arms of God. We can rest in His certainty when life is uncertain. We can rest in what we know to be true of Him even when life is full of unknowns. We can take comfort in the love of God when discomfort seems to blanket us. We can stand strong in the strength given to us as His children even when we are weary from life.

When the weariness of life seems too much for us to handle on our own let us not forget the people God brings alongside us.

Moses found himself growing tired as he held the staff of God above his head while Joshua and his army fought the Amalekites. Aaron and Hur were by his side. They accompanied Moses to the top of that mountain and they were there to help Moses by each one holding up his arms when he grew weary.

We too need people in our lives who accompany us on our journey and are there for us in our times of weariness. Are we aware enough to surround ourselves with people who will come alongside us and hold our arms up when we cannot do it on our own?

When the road of life has taken a turn and the path ahead is not clear, rest in the arms of God who holds all things in His hands. Rest also in the people God brings alongside us to hold us up in times of weariness.


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