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I am passionate about studying God’s Word and sharing the lessons He teaches me through my study and my own journey through life. I am not a theological expert. I am a beloved child of God who desires to encourage others through the hope I have found in the midst of my own struggles. Highlighting God’s Truths and weaving practical life applications in a way that will transform our everyday living is my greatest joy in speaking. My hope is to fan the flames of desire for a more intimate relationship with our God of hope.  


Suggested Topics

Pursuing A Heart of Wisdom

To pursue a heart of wisdom is to pursue God Himself; because God is wisdom. Godly wisdom is not influenced by worldly wisdom. Holiness begins with the heart. We must allow God to transform our hearts from worldly desires to the desired pursuit of Him. Our faith must be grounded in God and washed of this world. Are we living lives the exemplify the wisdom of God?

  • What is wisdom?

  • How do we gain Godly wisdom?

  • How does our perception influence our actions?

  • What role does purity play in pursuing wisdom?

  • What are the consequences of misplaced faith?

  • Does your faith manifest into trust in God?


Coming Alongside

PEOPLE!! Life would be so much better if we didn’t have to deal with so many people. Have you ever had that thought? I know I have. God however designed us for relationships. As Christians, God calls us to be part of His body-the Church. The Church has a purpose and as part of His body, WE have a purpose. God created us, called us, and equipped us for something unique and specific. We fulfill our God-given purposes in the sphere of relationships. Let’s learn to come alongside one another as God has commanded.

  • Coming alongside one another is beyond being neighborly.

  • Fellowship-It’s more than a potluck.

  • How is the Holy Spirit our model for coming alongside one another?

  • God created you and called you for a specific purpose. What is that purpose?

  • How has God equipped you to fulfill His purpose?

  • What does coming alongside one another look like?

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