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Who Am I?

“So then, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; what is old has passed away-look, what is new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NET)

I am a new creation, a dearly loved daughter of The One True God. I have not been reformed, rehabilitated, or reeducated. I have been re-created!!

Have you ever wanted a do-over? A fresh start? A new beginning?

I have!!

The beauty is we have been given that fresh start, that new beginning if we are in Christ.

Scripture tells us that we are a new creation. Goodbye old hello new!

A new beginning starts with Christ.

I want to share an excerpt from The NIV Women’s Devotional Bible:

While every woman’s life story is unique, there are longings of the heart that seem to be universal;  the desire to find true love, the desire that someone will affirm our inherent value regardless of our situation, and the hope that we can change.  In this regard, we each need a Cinderella story of our own.  God finds each of us in the cinders of a less than perfect world, held back from the life we dream of living.  He longs to raise us up to a high position, transform us and grant us his power, so he seeks us out, inviting each of us to dance with him, transforming us by revealing the beauty hidden beneath the ashes, then bestows on us His power and position.

Dancing in the arms of God is a relationship between you and God ….The two of you communicate in a close, intimate setting.  He holds you.... As partners in this dance, God leads and you let him, moving with the flow of his leading.

No matter if you are a ‘girly-girl’ or a ‘tomboy’ I believe this touches a part of every girl’s heart.  Most of us at one point in our lives have dreamt of our Prince Charming riding in to save the day.  For some of us, Prince Charming enters in on his great white horse with his sword raised high and his armor shining.  For others, Prince Charming might ride in on his black stallion with his white Stetson hat and polished cowboy boots.

For some of us our earthly Prince has arrived, chinked up armor, rusted sword, dirty Stetson hat and holes in his boots.

For others, the anticipation of Prince Charming to arrive still awaits you.

Can I encourage you, whether your Prince Charming has made his entrance or you are still waiting for him, your ultimate Prince Charming has arrived-no chinked up armor no holes in his boots-and He is waiting to dance with you.  He’s waiting to waltz you into a journey that will far exceed your wildest imagination.  Just like Cinderella, He is waiting to transform you into exactly who He created you to be.  The best part is there is no stroke of midnight with Him.

CHALLENGE: Have you been re-created?

Have you started a new life spiritually under the authority of Jesus Christ?

Scripture tell us that if we believe with our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord we will be saved. Enter into this relationship with God through Jesus and dance with Him!

If we want a true and lasting transformation in our life we must allow God to give us that new start

If you find yourself out of step in His dance allow Him to once again take the lead and move to the rhythm of His graceful steps.  His waltz is a steady movement of beauty.

Our God, the creator of all things, the One who sustains all things, the One who while He does not need us; He deeply desires an intimate relationship with each one of us.

Lord, I choose to allow You to lead me in this dance with You, knowing that Your step is graceful and stable.  I choose to believe that because You dearly love me and have chosen me that You have a great plan and purpose for me.  Transform my heart to beat to the rhythm of Your heart, to desire the things You desire, and to lay down my will to take up Yours.


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